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17 December 2013 @ 06:41 am
Hello everyone, I need your help!

This community will be dead for sure because I can't maintenance this comm alone. I've getting really busy since I entered this school. So, I need two people who kindly helps me maintenance and posting regularly to this comm. Moreover, Itakiss season 2 will be aired next year >_<

If you interest, message me with this format:

  1. Write about your self: name, your country, age and a little about your self.

  2. Write about how you much you love Furukawa Yuki.

  3. What skill do you have? (You can write like subbing the video (this will be great), translating, making icon, making gifs, uploading big size video, making article, knowing FuruYuki's schedule, etc),

  4. How much time do you can spend in Livejournal? This is really important. You can write full a week or what days? So, I can make some schedule for us.

I will give my best too to be active moderator from now :)

Because spreading FuruYuki's love can not be died!
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20 June 2013 @ 09:42 pm
hi minna XD just want to share his photo for today :) (that he uploaded on Facebook and weibo)

FuruYuki Photo Update:



Cool isnt it?  ^_____^

Irie Naoki XD
11 August 2013 @ 09:37 am
Hai guys, i'm new here, and i'm so happy i found this LJ XDDD
this time i wanna share little bit icons from Yuki pictures XD
sadly i just make a few because i don't have much his pictures T__T
well...hope u like it...

The rest in Here @ blossomart
03 August 2013 @ 10:23 am
Good morning, everyone!!
Today is my last work day and tommorow will be holiday =)

Today I made 42 icon of FuruYuki. I take it from google, his account, and some from weibo.
I hope you liked it!! :)

Look up the icon...Collapse )
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19 July 2013 @ 04:35 am

At the cate cafe again


Now, I’ll be shooting for the taiga drama

I’ll do my best!

credit to kiirohimesama

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18 July 2013 @ 10:09 pm

Hello there, I am sorry for not updating. I am such an baka admin ne~~ lol.
I decided to make this post first. The link for downloading Itakiss love in tokyo from ep 1 until ep 15.
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Thanks again to Jun for translating this!!!
source part 2 | 3

Part 2. “My impression toward Naoki and Kotoko’s First Kiss scene is very Deep”

Speaking about female lead, Miki Honoka, that 10 years younger than himself, Furukawa shows his brotherly love in general tone, occasionally he laugh and speak resembling Naoki, and playing pranks with her.

Q : How is your first impression toward female lead, Miki Honoka? Could you tell us how it feels to work with her?
A : First time I saw her, she’s giving a very energetic, powerful impression of a girl. She possess a side that very similiar with “Kotoko”, at that time I was just thinking “if I act with her as drama partner, it will be fine (easier to get into the role)”. Overall, (she) is a very good girl. In the filming set, she talk more than I do, we ourselves also have pretty many exchange (TL note: communication), (our relationship) is a relationship between good friends.

Q : During filming, could you share with us interesting things that happen between you two? It could be about role’s communication, it also could be about private interaction and the likes.
A : Um, sometimes I can intentionally “create difficulties” for her (playing pranks). Before, our crew go together to eat roasted meat, because of Miki-san’s shooting schedule, she can’t come. Later when meeting her, I intentionally take out the picture of us dining together before to let her see it, she shouted with anger: “you’re very bad”…… this little jokes and the likes.

Q : Kiss scene in this drama is a very important point, when shooting, what’s the thing that you pay attention the most?
A : When shooting two persons first time kiss scene, because Miki-san’s age relatively young, so she was very nervous. I’m older, so at the kiss scene I have responsibility to guide her role: Although I’m also nervous, but I told myself to show my adult (mature) side, with such mind I acted that scene.

Q : Kiss scene that you yourself most impressed with is?
A : Now there’s no public kiss scene, and each kisses of this comic are very classic. However, my impression toward Naoki and Kotoko’s first kiss scene is very deep.

Q : One is the 100% perfect boy outside inside, but the other one is average, a bit stupid girl. In your opinion, what is the reason that Naoki attracted to Kotoko?
A : I think it’s Kotoko’s efforts, (if you) read the original work, it would be seen clearly how hard-working Kotoko is. Regardless of what happens, even knowing herself is not competent, (she) will likely work hard with every efforts that she have, Naoki feel moved (by this).

Q : The most attractive part about Kotoko that yourself attracted to is?
A : Um, instead of saying “efforts”, it should be said that her “desperate” side (faith to work hard in every things she do) is very appealing to me.

Q : Has Naoki and Kotoko rain kiss scene (that show they) clearly like each other already been shot? Chinese audiences are really looking forward to this classic kiss.
A : Un, just finished it up 2 days ago. The shoot is quite not easy, because it is in the rain, not a made-up rain, (but) is really a rainy day, it took several hours to take satisfactory results for the director. This one scene is a very important one, I haven’t seen yet how is the complete image (TL note: scene), but I think (the shoot) looks good. (I’m) also looking forward to audiences reaction.

Q : This two people also make people care about their future development, would this drama shoot their married life?
A : Haha, allow me to keep secret temporarily, we will know when time come.

Part 3. First time disclosure (about) Entry Experince, before, Family oppose (Him) becoming an Actor

During interview, (this is) the first time Furukawa disclosed details about (his) entry process (to entertainment sector). Surprisingly, (he said) became an actor is the most fun things, he express (it’s) “to repay the kindness of (my) parents”, every time he launched a new drama, his parents will be very happy. Under the gorgeous appearance, (he) still has a simple filial heart.

Q : We all know that through chosen as Keio University’s “Mr. Campus” (Japanese universities election for the most handsome man) opportunity, you enter entertainment sector, could you give us the details since when you wanted to become an actor?
A : At that time I’m studying Science and Technology at Keio University. But in the three years span from first years till third years , I haven’t found things that I really want to do. You know, in Japan, the third years must enter “job hunting” (finding job war), during this time I received an invitation to participate in “Mr. Campus” election, that time I just want to challenge new things, so I participated, and in the end I get my victory. Three years in university, I continously doing dance, besides dance, I also must do other things so I can do job hunting. “Mr. Campus”, initially, barely a challenge for me. In 2010 (the following year after the Mr. Keio election), happens to be currently Horipro 50th anniversary, as part of the commemoration, they hold an audition for new talents. Participants including every university “Mr. Campus” and amateur (public), I also received the invitation, in the Horipro’s audition process, it’s the first time I savor the feeling that become an actor is a very interesting things, I suffer a shock (that not small). This is the first time in my life that I found things that I truly want to work hard for. After that I decide to stop job hunting activities, actually at that time I also partake at graduate school exam, moreover I get accepted, at the same time giving up chances on advancing my studies, I work hard toward (becoming) an actor. To sum it up, first time be in touch with acting is when I auditioning for Horipro, and I had a strong interest (in acting).

Q : What role you play when auditioning?
A : Friendship story. At that time everybody that participating have zero experience in acting, we training (acting) together for about 2 months, at the end of final we deliver our practice content (divided into small groups, each group prepare a short drama, then perform at final, the performance ranking will be decided through our acting). At this process, I feel the pleasure of acting: When performing in front of people, I liberating (TL note: showing) my other self. In each different roles there’s different side of myself that can be found, isn’t it a very interesting thing? That’s the first time in my life that I savor the joy of an actor. However, at Horipro audition, I got an examiner Special Award, not the Highest Award.

Q : Um, I also heard because that time you didn’t get the Highest Award, you’re not very happy?
A : Not so much unhappy as it (this kind of unhappiness) is a reality (entertainment sector’s brutal competition) of the decision. That time participants that enter final selection only 10 people, besides this 10 people, at the same period there are still many new people (being prepared or already sign with the firm), if you’re not first (don’t get the Highest Award), that imply that your strength is not enough to compete with so many people, so the idea is the firm refused to sign you. But, this is truly things that I myself want to do, if I really give up, I probably will regret it for the rest of my life, despite getting “runner-up” (refer to Special Award), but I finally decided to working hard and give it a try. After Horipro’s audition, I really give up the opportunity on going to graduate school.

Q : Your family really opposed (you) entering this line (of work), right?
A : Right. Their consideration is: Since I attend Science and Technology of Keio University, there is no need to be an actor (both career is completely different). But compared to oppose me, they’re more worried about me. Although initially they opposed me, but after seeing my act in the movie, they gradually change from the opposition’s stance and assist me. Works where I appeared, is a sense of “filial piety” (repay parent’s kindness). (When) they see me play drama, they’re very happy.

Q : Are your parents now watching “Itazura na Kiss”? How they evaluate your performance?
A : En, they’re watching. Especially my mom, very happy!!! After watching it live, they still record it to watch it repeatedly. My family said this drama is very interesting.
Q : Entering entertainment sector so far, the most fun things that you feel is?
A : (without hesitation) The most happiness is I can repay my parent’s kindness.
Q : What role that you want to challenge in the future?
A : I have some special skills, I can speak English, good at dance and so on. If English, I already act in this year drama (“ANJIN~English Samurai”, most dialogue in English). And roled that I haven’t play yet is a dancer. And I really like to play mahjong. If I can show these special skills in the works/drama, it should have a good results.

Q : You’re now a popular outbreak in China, is there any Chinese actors that you want to work with?
A : Um, I don’t really know Chinese drama. But I like Mr. Chen Long (TL note: Jackie Chan) very much, (if) I have an opportunity to meet him then I will!

Q : Also in other words an action movie, you won’t resist (it)?
A : I almost don’t have any experience shooting an action movie, to be honest, I have no confidence.

Q : If you’re good at dancing, action scenes shouldn’t trouble you.
A : Um…… En, in fact, not only an action movie, I also want to participate in Chinese works’ shooting, although now I can’t speak Chinese. If there’s a chance, I would like to play a role of Japanese people in Chinese works and the like.

Q : Rumors said, you already received invitation to starred in Chinese movies, TV series, is this true?
A : Not yet. I look forward to this (kind of) opportunity.
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This is the Sohu Exclusive interview, media from China (Why Furuyuki is really popular there >_<) that had taken for 5 hours!!
link of interview [x]

And thanks to Jun for translating this interview!!!
link of source of translation [x]

New “Pretty Boy” Exclusive Interview: Furukawa Yuki’s 49 Private Questions Part 1

[Editor’s Note]: Who is Furukawa Yuki? “New Pretty Boy” that born from new Japanese version of “Itazura na Kiss”, the most hot crispy fried chicken in drama fans’ hearts.
(TL note: This is what I translated from the sentence, it sure is WEIRD, an analogy I supposed. You know, Chinese articles using many analogy like that~)

He has ten years of experience living overseas, in Japan he has been called “Returness” (TL note: child that come home from overseas), graduated from prestigious university——Keio University, he also can speak English fluently. In many people’s eyes, among the actors, he’s the closest “Irie Naoki” of the original work, many agree cast him as examples of elite virtuous person that perfectly natural. “Itazura na Kiss” is his 23 years-old debut, the first drama that truly feature him as a male lead. Not optimistic from the start, but now (“Itazura na Kiss”) get praised as the most attractive drama this year, Furukawa said he himself also felt a little inconceivable. Recently, he accepted an exclusive interview with Sohu Entertainment.

Part 1. Chapter “Itazura na Kiss”: Talk about Furukawa Yuki’s Acting

Behind Itazura na Kiss’ popularity, there is Furukawa’s years of effort that accumulated into the outbreak——before he play many small roles in other drama. Same as many of young peoples of Heisei era, Furukawa frankly said, until the third years of university, he still unsure about his future road, confused in the participation of job hunting war, coincidentally chosen as “Mr. Keio” (Keio University’s election for championship title, TL note: the most handsome man in Keio University), with mind “just want to challenge new things”, he participate in Horipro (Japanese Entertainment House, Hori Production, in short Horipro) audition, and finally found things that he really want to work hard for. Toward “Itazura na Kiss”, toward acting, he has his own unique theory.

Q.: From what opportunity that you got starred in this drama?
A : This drama is from audition selecting the roles, at that time I’m performing at a theater in London, unable to attend audition in Japan. So using iphone and Japan domestic connections (network video) auditioning, then processed by the crew.

Q : Before “Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo”, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan already filmed this drama, and the reputation was good. This time before the shooting, have you accordingly feel the pressure (worry about the former drama have so many “gems”)? Before shooting, have you seen performances of Zheng Yuanchang and Kim Hyun-joong?
A : There’s no pressure. The original work manga have this certain long time loyal supporter, because I really want to play this character, “Irie” (character that received many loves), I feel the pressure. But I haven’t seen Zheng Yuanchang, Kim Hyun-joong drama version, because if I watch them, unseenly it will influence my acting, instead my characteristic won’t show. With mind “let’s create a new drama version”, I shoot this drama.

Q : When you interpreting “Naoki” character, what you feel the most difficult thing is?
A : Naoki-kun is a person that demand “perfect” no matter what (perfectionist), in audiences’ eyes he is almost flawless ideal boy. How to approach his “idealism” to the maximum degree, is the most difficult when I act as him. Everyday while I’m considering how to “approach” him, I’m shooting at the same time.

Q : (Could you give a detailed example?)
A : For example, (when I) try to fathom his eyes’ experssions. Usually when my eyes are wide open like this, (my eyes’ expressions) not too sharp (while said, pointing his big, cat-like eyes), (if you) see the image in the drama you’ll know, I deliberately narrowing my eyes’ size (to approach “Naoki“‘s cool impression, eyes’ expression must a bit arrogant). Besides Naoki basically is a super-silent person, I rely on facial expressions more to express his emotions. But every expressions’ change don’t have big difference, therefore I have to figure out the subtle differences of various expressions, I also put a lot thought about it.

Q : When you act this role, the archetype of Naoki, Mr. Nishikawa Shigeru gave you any suggestions?
A : No. I basically thinking independently, while dicussing with the director, I perform at the same time.

Q : Just now you said with director discussing how to interpret role, then so far when Director Nagata Koto guide your acting, which one that give you the deepest impression (for example, what acting detail that you must correct, and the likes)?
A : Each director have a different style of directing, while Director Nagata belong to the type that give freedom and space to the actors to act. For example, when shooting some scene, she will first look at my interpretation, if it feels OK then it will pass. If she see that my performance is not satisfying, she will on the spot give advise to revise (my acting). Naoki-kun don’t like to laugh, his laugh timing also decided by myself (after thinking about it), like points of expression, I can discuss it together with director.

Q : Compared with other versions, Furukawa-san interpretation of Naoki make people see a new charm. Many fans praise Furukawa-san’s version, “both have consistent and cool image, also so far (compared to) many versions make most people feel Naoki is warm”, for this point, how you see it?
A : Um…… Um……, I deliberately didn’t act with this awareness, (Reporter: In other words, this kind of “warm” is just naturally showed?), en, you can say it like that.

Q : Furukawa-san personally also have science background, experience of studying abroad, which side that you yourself feel is the most similiar with “Naoki”?
A: As you said, with Irie-kun we both have science background, we both can speak English (he didn’t say “good at speak English”, we can see Furukawa’s modest side), we both a person that “don’t want love” (make people feel not too kind), even usually do not laugh too loud, a rather quiet person.

Q : The same with “Naoki”, Furukawa-san self since student days also getting girls’ attention, right?
A : No, don’t have any popularity. When in high school, I almost never spoke with girl classmates. I am a very shy person, I never take the initiative to start a conversation with girls, moreover I have a very shy personality.

Q : You spent high school days in Canada, United States, right? (Taking local culture into account, it should be a lot of opportunity to meet girls)
A : Although it’s abroad, but it was almost always around Japanese students (I’m attending a local Japanese school), I never take initiative to talk with girls. Up till now, I’m still like this (I still have this kind of personality).

Q : In the contrary, Furukawa-san’s side that different with Naoki is?
A : Irie-kun is considerably unconcerned. (Though others first impression of me is not too kind) But I’m not up to that extend. For example, he receive love letter from a girl, he will simply say “I don’t need it!” If I’m the one who receive it, I surely will say thank you to the other person, and then accept the letter.
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18 June 2013 @ 10:31 am
source [x]
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18 June 2013 @ 09:41 am
Have you ever seen this pic? XD


That is the cap screen from FuruYuki's movie, Miss Boys (2011). I actually haven't watched it yet (but have a plan to watch this week), maybe this movie is hilarious, wanna see it >.<


The story is a tale of adolescence at an all-boys high school, but it will feature Kamakari Kenta and Suzuki Shogo dressing in women’s clothing. Kamakari plays Sakamoto, the ace of the school’s basketball team. However, in order to fix Sakamoto’s “one-man team” mentality, the team’s adviser orders him to join the cheering squad for two weeks. However, the squad is not a typical one, and he finds himself having to dress up like a female cheerleader at the team’s matches. (Sinopsis by katzsong)

[download at amaris_subs]
(you must join the community to see the link :)
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